The Ninja Toaster was a one-week design sprint.
Before sketching ideas and concepts I did research on Ninja's products and found similarities in shape, colors, and branding.
Here is my first page of ideation that was inspired by Ninja's blender design.
This page of ideation was inspired by a different Ninja blender product.
As I continued to ideate and refine my design of the toaster, I began to narrow down the specific components I wanted in my design. Such as a touch screen, sharp edges, and a matching color pallet that matched Ninja.
This was the final sketch I used as a reference in SOLIDWORKS to model my toaster. During my modeling process, I decided to make some changes to the product to better fit Ninja's brand.
My final page shows my ideation and final design concept of my Ninja toaster. Also included are a few images of my render in Keyshot.
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